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There is nothing more frustrating than waiting on others...

1. $2656 in unpaid tax liens. The thing that bothers me about this is that literally anyone can pay those liens. If that's the case then they are attached to the mobile home and not me, specifically, so why does Wells Fargo think they are attached to me?

2. $1000 earnest money. I can possibly wrangle this but I doubt I can do it before tomorrow, which is when we wanted to draw up our offer with Century 21 for the new house.

3. Money for moving. There is absolutely no way that either of us can do this move ourselves. Just going to look at the new house tuckered me out yesterday. I have to finally admit that I am in a lot worse shape than even I thought. I just want to hire someone and get the flock out of here.

I am a decorated, honorably discharged, USAF veteran. I was an E4 sergeant below-the-zone when active duty. I got the Commendation Medal as 1985's USAF Airman of the Year first runner up. VA has me at 40% and I've tried to get it bumped up once, but now that I'm 51, it'll be far easier to accomplish that. Only thing is I have to scare up a lawyer and do it, and right now, my main concern is getting out of this house.

I am on 100% SSDI and haven't been able to work since 1995.

There has to be - HAS to be - something that can be done, to get me a conventional mortgage for the new house and get me out of this sucky rathole.

There has to be a special Hell for Norman Flam, David Wright, and Bette Goldenring, despite the second of the three being Mormon (the other two are "good upstanding Jews" - and I say that with disdain, not because I'm antisemitic, but because they are fakes and frauds). They play with people's lives. It's likely the bad memories of the previous tenants here are burned right into the underpinnings of the house. Like Dydan said, the optimal choice would be to burn the place to the ground. That's not happening.

I've been praying to mama Chehooit nonstop. She's gotten me this all we need is a few more people given a gentle push.

If anyone has any bright ideas, feel free to share them
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