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~I have said many times over the years that Adolf Hitler is “the most important Spiritual Teacher of the 20th Century”, a statement which left upon its on will obviously bring all manner of screaming and gnashing of teeth. But bear me if you will. Also please keep in mind that everything I speak of relates to the building of The Sisterhood.

I could go on and on about how all the 'Great Men' who were his contemporaries have turned out to be not so great. Churchill was a racist and Imperialist to the bone. FDR put American citizens in concentration camps simply because of their race. Gandhi was both racist and misogynist to extreme degrees. Eisenhower is about the only one who gets off with a fairly clean bill of moral health.

But this is not about 'rehabilitating' Hitler. This about looking at what he Taught us. I will make this brief and mention only his one single overarching Lesson out of all his Lessons, nearly everyone of which was Dark and Harsh. Note that those are usually the Most Profound Lessons, the ones where you, The Student, get the living shit kicked out of you. Such has always been my experience.


The Most Important Lesson that Adolf Hitler taught us is this: he showed us in great detail and with no filters exactly what a genuinely Masculinist Modern State would look and act like.

Let me say that again....

The Most Important Lesson that Adolf Hitler taught us is this: he showed us in great detail and with no filters exactly what a genuinely Masculinist Modern State would look and act like.

The Third Reich was veritably steeped in testosterone, to the point of being quite homoerotic. Its ideology and imagery scream Male Power. Google 'Third Reich' images and that will jump out at you. Nazi Germany shows what happens when a pure Masculine Ideology gains total power. For The Sisterhood, there can be no more Important Spiritual Lesson, that when The Male gains Total Power, Terror Reigns, hundreds of cities burn and tens of millions die.

And I will leave that there for y'all to contemplate.....

Night Watch

Aug. 12th, 2017 12:46 am
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~Eva, First High Priestess of The Sisterhood of The Pentavalent, had slept restlessly. Since her spine had been repaired, she could sleep on her side again, though her breasts would always be too big for her to sleep on her belly. She had tossed and turned for hours, drifting in and out. Anca and Chrissy, the two of her Wives sharing the Big Bed tonight, a double California King, had moved over earlier.

Around 2am, she gave up, got out of bed, put on an ivory colored silk robe. Two pretty young men, her Body Servants who slept at the foot of the bed, came to alertness, looked up expectantly. They both wore Collars with The Sisterhood's Sigil at the throat. Eva smiled and put a finger to her lips. They nodded, smiled sleepily, lay down again. She regarded her soundly sleeping Wives with an soft envious smile, then went out on the Master Bedroom's balcony.

It was a cool spring evening in SoCal. The Mansion's sprawling vastness sat atop a large hill up in the canyons of Beverly Hills, which provided Eva with a panoramic view of Century City. Fog shrouded half of Los Angeles. She took in a deep breath of the moist night air.

Though is was the middle of the night, The Mansion, being an SH/HQ, was still busy. Laundry being done, food being prepared, equipment being maintained, and down below, business being conducted. She did her best to put that all out of her mind.

Eva stood there standing in the dark for about a half an hour. Part of her regretted she didn't smoke any more. Then she went into her private office and checked SH's internal comnet to see if Nebris was awake up in the High Desert Karaal. It being the middle of night, of course he was.

He grinned at her from the monitor. “Can't sleep, Your Grace?”

She knew he was teasing her by using the Formal Address and bared her teeth at him. “Smart ass,” she said.

He laughed. “You know why, babe. Go check up on her.”

“Yes,” she sighed. “You know me too well.”

He blew her a kiss. “That's why you keep me around.”

She blew a kiss back at him, logged off, left the office, headed for her personal elevator. Once inside, she pressed 'B2'.

Below The Mansion was an extensive underground complex, all built in secret. Beverly Hills rested upon bedrock so earthquakes didn't have the same impact there as the rest of LA.

Basement One was garage with separate vehicle elevator, plus several ramps leading to garages of SH owned 'family' homes surrounding The Mansion which were also defensive strong points. The Sisters used those when they needed to come and go in secret, which was fairly often.

Basement Three was a vast storage space full of supplies and connected the Basement Three Annex, which held a Thorium Reactor with massive two water cisterns on either side. That reactor could power The Mansion for twenty years without refueling. The cisterns and the Mansion's recycling system could provide water for over a year.

Eva had a tour of that level just once and had Bunker nightmares for days.

Basement Two was SH's operational center with offices and a large server farm. The ceilings were a little over 300 centimeters, painted with pastels, with soft lighting so as to ease claustrophobia. Eva had made sure of that.

The elevator opened onto small foyer with landscape murals. To the right was a large office area with dozens of bubble shaped 'cubicles'. There was always activity as SH ran various global operations from here.

To the left the wall continued, with several doors to private offices. About half were with open with their lights on. Down at the end were a pair of double doors. That was Eva's destination.

As she walked toward those doors, she heard all the activity taking place; many languages being spoken, laughter, music playing, a few angry conversations, some of the cubicles had their curtains drawn. All of those Sisters ignored her.

The Sisters in the offices nodded their heads formally as she walked past, then continued with their work. Eva gave each one a small nod of acknowledgment in return.

She reached the double doors and dramatically threw them open to reveal...a large cafeteria.

About a dozen or so Sisters are clustered here and there in small groups talking, or singly, eating and reading. As Eva came through the doors they all stopped and begin to rise. But she smiled and waved them to sit, then proceeded to the food counter. It is classic cafeteria, having a glass front displaying everything from hot food to desserts.

Behind the counter a short slim man stepped up. He was in his 40's, had a shaved head covered by a classic white paper 'server's hat' and a Collar with the SH Sigil at the throat. He wore the white uniform of a food worker, which also had the SH Sigil on its breast. He bowed and then smiled knowingly at Eva. “How may I be of Service, Your Grace?”

Eva grinned. “Black Forest cake.”

“Always, Your Grace,” he said with a happy chirp.

“With a glass of milk,” Eva said. “But first I must attended to something.”

“I Serve at your pleasure, Mistress,” he said and bowed deeply.

She turned, headed toward a heavy door on the other side of the cafeteria.


The room was large, quiet, dimly lit, full of conventional cubicles, each with a very large monitor. Half of them were occupied, each Sister attending watching the monitor closely, occasionally speaking softly into her headset mic.

Eva walked directly to one of the cubicles. Sitting there was Gemma, a cute redhead with freckles. She wore flip-flops, dark sweats and a black sport shirt with the SH Sigil above the pocket.

She acknowledged Eva with a nod, but remained focused upon the monitor.

“How is she doing?” Eva asked softly.

Gemma out her hand over the mic. “She's just finished, Your Grace,” she said just as softly, her English accent quite distinct.

The monitor showed a four way split screen of a luxury hotel room. On the bed lay an older man face down. If not for the steady rise and fall of his chest, he'd appear dead.

Sitting naked at the vanity was a petite young brunette brushing her hair. She had a number of welts across her back. The closeup frame of her pretty heart shaped face showed large wide eyes, a strong nose and a mouth set in an insolent smirk.

“She took him to town, Your Grace,” Gemma said with a grin.

Eva smiled back at her. “Dear Em.”

She'd been worried. This was the first time Em had been back in the field in eighteen months. And she was still nursing her first Daughter, though that did make her tits very ripe.

“Her driver is waiting downstairs,” said Gemma. “I'll let you know when she's away.”

“Thank you, Gemma,” Eva said with a gentle smile.

Gemma dipped her head. “I live to Serve, Your Grace.”

“Your Service is Blessed, my Sister,” Eva replied.


Eva sat in the cafeteria with a small group of Sisters. One of them was describing the odd habits of a particular Daddy. The Counterman came up, placed a slice of Black Forest cake and a glass of milk in front of Eva, bowed deeply, then withdrew.

The Sister telling the story looked at Eva and the cake. Eva grinned. “Go right ahead. Remember, I'm an old hand in the Sugar Bowl,” she said, then shoved a forkful of cake in her mouth.

The Sisters all nodded, grinned, and the tale teller continued on...


Aug. 10th, 2017 09:29 am
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~It's been fucking hot for nearly two months straight. So the fans and the swamp cooler have been going pretty much non-stop. This past week I have been feeling like shit, neck and shoulders aching and my stomach sour.

I was sitting here a few hours ago and I realized it is all the fucking noise that is making me sick. It was cool enough, so I turned off everything except my little floor fan. And almost immediately I began to feel better. My body loosened up and I relaxed. /deep sigh

I have turn it all on again soon. The sun is up and we're looking at 102° again today. But I have gotten some relief and will turn these things off whenever I can....


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