Feb. 2nd, 2012

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Guess what I found missing, today?

The collection of silver coins my family has been saving for decades.

I found the little velvet purse that had been in the box. It was stuck in something else. All that's there are the old wheat head pennies that were also a part of the collection.

We are talking over 25lbs of silver coins, which if sold for their numismatic value, could be in the thousands of dollars.

We filed a complaint with the local sheriff. Hopefully he can get her to tell him what she did with them. I know when she took them out of the house and I have a pretty good idea of who she stashed them with.

I've called on my relatives to help me retrieve them, whomever has them is likely going to be very sick and disoriented until they return them to me.

If any were sold, the owners will likewise be sick and disoriented till the coins are returned to me.

You don't anger a bunch of dead people, many of whom are Hungarian.

If you 'practice', please help. Thank you.

If the thief is reading this, be aware that you have stirred up a hornet's nest of Hungarians. A curse is now upon you. Return the coins and the other items which were in that box.


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