Feb. 20th, 2012


Feb. 20th, 2012 03:44 pm
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Some of you are already familiar with our housing situation, how Buenaventura Capital screwed us over, then told us to pay Bette Goldenring with a handwritten note. At the time of the latter, we consulted a lawyer, who told us that we should not do what the note said, but continue to deal with Buenaventura Capital.

We sent a certified, return-receipt letter to Norman Flam, head of Buenaventura Capital, and informed him of what the lawyer said. We also asked him to contact us regarding renegotiation of the contract (something we've been trying to do since 2007).

Nothing was said after that, and all calls from Ms. Goldenring went unanswered.

Then we got contacted by this ambulance-chasing type of lawyer from our town, whom Ms. Goldenring obviously hired. It was equally as obvious the man did not have all the information. Via letters, we attempted to inform him of the situation - and again, were ignored.

Today I went out on my porch for a smoke and found a 3-day eviction notice from this lawyer, pasted to my front door. He is claiming the mobile home was sold via public auction and the new owners wished to take possession of the property.

A quick check of tax records told the story: I am still liable for current and back taxes, which means this property was not sold to anyone, or they would've paid the taxes and cleared the title, first.

Bette is obviously claiming that Norm "sold" her the mobile home.

I am on hold right now with a local legal assistance organization, for the second time today. I haven't gotten through, yet.

I have also sent an email to the lawyer we saw when we got the first handwritten note.

I am having to sell my 3 islands on the Inworldz grid, because we need every penny we can get.

If you, Gentle Readers, can help in any way, it would be appreciated - especially if you know any lawyers in the Lancaster, CA area who can take payments for their fees to represent us.

Thank you.


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