Mar. 20th, 2012


Mar. 20th, 2012 09:51 am
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I have been very tired. I slept a good 12 hours yesterday from around 5:30 to 5:30AM. As Michael writes, we made an offer on the new house.

Getting "terror notes" from Olaf Landsgaard doesn't phase me any longer, since I know they're hot air till the taxes are paid. The man is making false statements like mad, and I'm sure the California Bar would like to hear all about it.

Wells Fargo is amenable to giving me a mortgage, as long as I clear my credit history. Thanks to my cousin, I've done that. Now it's just a matter of getting the information to their representative. She called me a few days ago, said she'd send me an email, and did not. I got frustrated and emailed the one contact I had, who gave me her email address. I've since sent an introductory email and am waiting on a reply.

I created a gmail account, not only because I'm concerned that not all emails are making it through AT&T, but also so I have one central place for all housing-related emails.

Now it's a matter of waiting. Waiting for receipts to arrive in the snail mail. Waiting for the rep to answer my email. Waiting.

A good friend of ours is fronting us the money to cover the tax liens, since they seem to be the sticking point, and those will be paid shortly after we receive the money. Then let's see Olaf, Norman, and Bette try to force me out before I'm ready. It'll take them a good two months, and by that time, I'll be moved.

Our lawyer is up to his eyeballs in alligators with a jury trial but we've done our best to keep him informed. About all we'll need from him is a letter to Buenaventura officially turning the house over to them, when the time comes.

Thank you all for your donations, your thoughts, and your good energies flowing our way. I cannot express how grateful I am.
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Who should raise his skinny ugly head, but my ex husband.

Recently, I changed my Facebook name to my RL name. Why? Because I'm finally trying to connect with far-flung relatives, starting with Jon's brother, Jere. I wanted Jere to know it was me who was contacting him.

Today, I get this message from my ex: "Why did you put your public profule on facebook as leesa xxxxx when we clearly paid for you to ise your maiden name? I am very hard to aggrivate but if you do not delete this profile immediately i will find you in contempt of the devorce and you will ve liable for the costs incurred as a result of your SPECIFIC requests." (sic - I didn't make the spelling errors)

Um...I am in the middle of trying to secure safe housing for Michael and I - the LAST thing I want to do is change my name in the midst of that process. Why didn't I change it before now? Laziness, I suppose. He'd moved back to his home state of Maine, I'd moved out West, and my last name is very common. To hear he paid extra to put that in the divorce decree? Why'd he have to pay extra?

This is the last I sent to him (his wife's name omitted for privacy): "Maybe now you'll learn that honesty is the best policy. Let me outline this for you: You told xxxxx she was your first and only wife, right? Maybe now you need to tell her that you were with me all of 5 years, during the last year, we were married. Regretting your decision, you started cheating on me and we didn't even make it to our first anniversary before you left. Maybe it's about time she knows that, while you intend to stay with her, she wasn't your first. You married your first because everyone told you not to. Basically a dare. You see, I may seem like a softie to you but I'm not that person anymore. You don't want to get on my bad side. Nuff said."

I don't need this shit. He has no clue what I'm going through and wouldn't know how to make his way out of a wet paper bag if he went through it.


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