Apr. 6th, 2012

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The rumor mill has it that there are certain parties engaging in Schadenfreude over our housing troubles. It's the usual suspects and what makes me scratch my head is - why?

Some of them claim to be witches. Don't they realize that delighting in someone else's troubles will get you nothing but trouble? You'd think they'd be smart enough to know that, but I guess not, huh.

Yes, there are plenty of people I don't like. Some I even downright detest. This doesn't mean I am going to watch their journal for any sign of trouble and, if they have some, glory in it.

In fact, these people who are "glorying" in our troubles are people I've never harmed, not once.

The only thing that comes to mind is that we either threaten them somehow, or somehow make them feel inadequate, so when we're having problems, this helps them feel better about their shortcomings.

*shakes head* go figure. FWIW things aren't as bad as some people think. No, we are not getting thrown onto the street. Yes, we have a bid on another house and I am waiting for a certain bank's "national decision committee" to get back to my contact person. It would seem they are two weeks behind.

In the meanwhile I wrote a certain elderly lady a very nice, factual letter, and CC'd it to her son, her lawyer, and my lawyer. We got the return receipts so we know they got them. So far, nothing but silence. This can be both a good AND a bad thing; good, because that means I may have finally put an end to their scaretastic bullshit and bad, because now they may choose not to do anything at all. I'd love it if they paid off the tax liens but alas it looks like we'll have to. Thanks to a certain very generous individual, we can manage that.

Then I get my name off this place as "registered owner" and it'll probably end up going the same way so many other places owned by the same firm did: Repossessed by the park for nonpayment of lot rent, and sold to satisfy the back rent and taxes.

I sent off the paperwork to the VA lawyer last week so hopefully I'll hear something soon from them. I know this is gonna take awhile even though my age actually qualifies me even more for increased benefits. The thing I like about this law firm is if you're on SSDI, they push the fact that you're obviously unemployable or you wouldn't be on full-time Social Security Disability. Um, D'OH! hahahaha!!

So, you see my various detractors, while you may think you have reason to rejoice at our misfortune, you have nothing whatsoever to rejoice about at all. Things are going precisely the way they are supposed to, as Mama Goddess would tell you they should. It's a shame that you collectively are so miserable you go out of your way to watch our journals and wait, with baited breath no less, to see what Shoe Of The Universe is going to hit our heads next.

I'm sure you've heard this before, but maybe you need a reminder:


Thank-a-you so very much!


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