May. 9th, 2012

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...the money Bette Goldenring were to save if she'd listened to me and not hired herself a bloodsucking lawyer who is doing things simply to extract more money from her.

That's right. We still don't have a mortgage. I'm harassing the gal from Wells Fargo, who hasn't answered me. Next I will flood her with telephone calls.

The things that have floored me this past week and a half are (a) took the wind out of my sails to discover that I have to do the work of the creditors to clear my credit history, because the bills I paid off are still listed as owing, and (b) the cats getting sick (we're up to 3 now but thank Goddess they're all recovering).

I am mentally exhausted inside.

We went to see our lawyer today and Bette's bloodsucking lawyer is doing a "discovery" on me - and why is he doing this? Goddess knows. To get more money most likely. After all, this is about the mobile home we're squatting in, not about any other assets I may have.

My lawyer's a smart one. He caught a rather glaring discrepancy in their original legal package and is exploiting it for all it's worth. Bloodsucker tried to get it dismissed, but the judge said no, there's enough here to go forward with it. My lawyer goes to another hearing sometime tomorrow, and we will chat on the phone afterward.

The discrepancy has to do with the security agreement not being struck between myself and Ms. Goldenring, but myself and Buenaventura Capital. There is also a glaring discrepancy between the money they claim Ms. Goldenring is trying to recover via the house versus what the security agreement says. Lastly, there is the ambiguity of the statement which claims the house was "given" to her, with no attribute for the signature, no letterhead, nothing - and it directly conflicts with the security agreement I signed at the same time with Buenaventura.

I also gave our lawyer something else to consider. See, we've paid Buenaventura roughly 50K already. A year ago April, when Michael spoke with Ms. Goldenring on the telephone, she began to cry when Michael related that fact, which more or less says "Norman hasn't paid me a dime." We've been TELLING her to sue Norman - that it isn't us she needs to sue - but her psyche just can't wrap around the idea that another Jew, who is both a family friend and a member of the same Temple, could've swindled her. Sooner or later, she is going to have to face that fact when she finds she has to go to court again to get Norman to pay the back taxes and put the title into her name.

She can't even think about selling this place without that title being free and clear.

Part of their eviction suit includes lawyers fees and court costs, which as of the last document, are stated at $6000. She could've taken $4000 of that and paid off the taxes, got my name off as registered owner, and demanded the title from Norman. Instead, she's paying the ambulance-chasing bloodsucking lawyer Olaf, who is dreaming up ways to creat paperwork and bogus filings just to soak her for more money.

I'm goya so what do I know - or at least she thinks I am. Fact of the matter is my matrineal line - the same one where the Shamanism comes from - was Hungarian Jewish. Of course I was not able to relate that to her; it's not something she wants to hear, nor does she want to hear how much of a hypocrite she is. Yeah, go to Mexico and help those dirt-poor Mexicans...but you get a needy one in your own backyard and you not only spit on them, you harass them to the point where we are contemplating an ethics complaint against her lawyer, followed by a small claims suit against her for fees and suffering.

It's not that I don't want to work with her. Michael and I both have sent her letters offering to make a deal...but we weren't going to pay and pay and pay forever. There was also the matter of the fact that she doesn't have the title. We could pay her and have Norman come along later and say we paid the wrong person and it didn't count. We wanted a solid, signed contract, and neither of them were willing to give it to us.

So now she gets to spend thousands of dollars on a bloodsucking lawyer and she still may not get this house - plus face a possible lawsuit from ME for fees, pain, and suffering.


May. 9th, 2012 05:14 pm
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There's something else which came to light...

Prior to us moving in here, the Carrillo family lived here. We still occasionally get junk mail for both the husband and the wife.

If Norman "borrowed" 78K from Bette to "buy" this home - he defrauded her because he already OWNED this home. That also may prove to be a rather interesting point to kick around in court.


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