May. 18th, 2012

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Today, I find myself rather ill and more than a little concerned for my heart.

I have a tooth infection that abscesses. I break the abscess, wash out all the gook, hit it with mouthwash and peroxide, then I'm good for about a week. Except -

It is now in my system. I can feel it in my upper jaw, there's slight pressure in both ears, and at the base of my head. My lower sinuses keep gooping up.

Starting last week I began having periods of leg swelling. I've had this before but not for a number of years. I didn't worry about it before because I'd go to bed, the fluid would wash out of my system, and I'd get up the next day peeing like a racehorse. This time I'm worried because I've already had one bout where it did NOT clear overnight and today it's really bad, to the point my lower legs look like sausages.

I had called the VA clinic two days ago and they said they would try to get me in, only to call me back while I was sleeping and tell me I would have to make the 70-mi-one-way trip down to Sepulveda and see a dentist. The next day I was so tired I didn't bother calling them back. When I saw how bad my legs were today, I called right away in the morning, explained patiently that a 140-mile round trip wasn't necessary just to have a dentist put me on antibiotics and send me home - and besides, my legs look like sausages.

She got me an appt for 2:15. This means I won't get any sleep beforehand, but that's ok, I can sleep all I want afterward. I rather stay up and go get the drugs I need to get the swelling under control than ignore it and risk a possible heart attack because all this fluid is very hard on my heart, regardless of its original cause.
Last night M and I talked. Even though we have to start paying our loans back in June and we aren't even moved yet, we're doing ok. We've been very conservative with the money and have managed to save a little more than we borrowed. That means we have a war chest to pay the lawyer to fight this and buy us time.

At this point, we are also seriously talking about suing Ms. Goldenring after the fact - especially with my system finally saying "enough" and going completely haywire. Hell - I even spotted a little and I haven't menstruated in nearly a year. I can feel this affecting my MS and that worries me even more because I've started having trouble walking.

I don't want to know what my blood pressure is right now.
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I think I offend her, because I refuse to go on a statin or anything else. I also refuse to see a nutritionist, and NOW is not the time to quit smoking.

At any rate...she gave me antibiotics but refused to give me a diuretic even though every other doctor I've seen about this problem in the past, has. She "wants to make sure it's my heart first." Did an EKG, came out normal - not even a hint of my on-again off-again atrial arrhythmias. I probably inherited my ticker from my father who managed to abuse his till it finally gave out at 62. Drinking and weighing 500lbs will do that. I mean it; the man made me look positively skinny at 296lbs.

That's 296 with roughly 20-40lbs extra water weight, so that means I did lose weight and it wasn't a case of the waistband on my shorts wearing out.

She says to me "So what is the problem today?" I said "Renal failure?" She said "Why do you think that?" I held out my legs, which right now, look about as big as two stovepipes, and said "Well, look!".

SHE couldn't manage to get a pit in the edema but then again, she didn't push long enough for the fluid to move and MAKE the pit. I can get pits just fine.

They did get all excited when I answered most of their PTSD questions with a "yes". I had to add that I knew I had PTSD but it was security-related, not combat-related. The nurse asked if I wanted to see a shrink and I told her I already had one, just need to make a new appointment.

If it isn't my heart doing this then I have no clue what it could be. Kidneys infected? NO clue. Hopefully if it IS infection-related, the antibiotics will clear it out.

In the meantime I am sitting sideways to my desk, with my cordless keyboard across my knees, with my legs on a chair, waiting for M to return with my antiobiotics so I can take some then get some sleep.


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