Jul. 3rd, 2012

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We're moved in. Finished up cleaning at the old place Sunday. Now we're waiting to get a hold of the lawyer to turn the keys in; we've called and called and nobody has answered.

Shriveled old lady thinks we're paying lot rent for July and I have news for her: We were out on the 30th. We slept in our new digs on the 30th. The only reason anyone was back at that house on the 1st was to make sure the standard of cleaning complied with our court agreement.

She can kiss my royal ass.

Both M and I are in pretty rough shape. It's mostly physical but there's some mental, too. We have a sea of boxes but I'm sure after a few days rest we'll be able to start unpacking. I've already gotten some little stuff out and into cabinets.

We're waiting for them to turn on the gas; in the meantime, very short, cold showers are the the order of the day. BRISK! Good thing we have a microwave or we wouldn't be able to cook at all.

Furbabies are all doing well and liking their new digs.

The repairmen still have some work to do but for the most part we're doing okay.


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