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Please come join us for the Unhinged Festival in Second Life, a fundraising effort to help eku Zhong get a bone replacement in her head. More information and the slurl to go can be found on the following website:

Hope to see you there!

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Club Industry, at any hour, used to be hopping with live music and a large crowd of dancers...but no more, evidently.

I was there around 11:30PM and was shocked to see no DJ at all and only a few bodies, some of which were staff. The next DJ wasn't on till 2AM.

I did notice a slow "lessening" of staff at CI. Personally, I was too intimidated to either host or dance there, because they had a lot of complicated rules. That didn't seem to stop a lot of folks however and it hasn't been till the last few months that I've seen a distinct lack of staff. More than one gig has only the DJ and host and no dancers.

We've advertised for staff and haven't gotten many replies. I thought it was something with us, but then I see staff reductions at all kinds of clubs that used to be hopping at all hours of the day and night.

Even mainstream genre DJs seem to be hard to find.


Is it that people have given up because the majority of the crowd doesn't tip anymore? Again, people either forget, or don't know, that DJ, Host, and Dancer income consists of tips only. It sickens me to see how little, if at all, people are willing to surrender of their precious Lindens to truly talented people whose sole job is entertaining them.

Listen - next time, instead of plonking that 10L or 20L on a sploder, why not plonk it on the DJ, Host, or Dancer? Even a small tip is better than none at all, and shows that you really do appreciate the job they're doing entertaining you and others.

I truly hate to think people take the entertainment for granted, and yet, they don't tip to show their appreciaion. Lemme ask you this, fellow SLer - in your daily, concrete life, do you ever go to a bar or a coffee shop? Do you leave a tip, or just ass|u|me the help is being paid a living wage? In most cases, they are being paid UNDER minimum wage and their only hope is to make up the difference in tips. If you work one of these jobs, you don't need me to tell you.

Just remember, people, club personnel in virtual worlds work for tips only. Tip, and tip well if you can. Tip even if it's a measly 5L. It means a lot.
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Saturday night we attended a wedding of two Clan members. It was a grand affair and fun was had by all, except for our resident 3-year-old who wouldn't stop bugging the new beau of his ex-girlfriend.

Surprise, surprise - talked to the King tonight and the nuptials were over before they really began. Seems the groom wasn't being honest with his wife in the concrete world and she told him he absolutely could NOT be married in Second Life.

Now the jilted bride is dating the resident 3-year-old. I wish her the best of luck, but I wouldn't get near him with a 10-foot pole, the guy has stalker issues.

Speaking of the Clan...the only member (outside of my husband) to wish me a happy Rez Day on Friday was the Queen. The King didn't even do it till I informed him. He was up to his eyeballs planning this wedding that dissolved the day after.

There aren't many in the Clan who are active. We (Willy and I) have tried to get them involved by inviting them to the club and the castle, but most don't bother showing. Here I thought I was joining an active, close-knit group and now it seems like it's all a waste of time.

I did cull my flist and if you got cut, it's because we never talk and I have no clue what's going on in your life, much less you knowing what's in mine. I need friends that keep in touch and want to get involved in things and take the time to note my rez day, which is just as important as a RL birthday.

I was a bit put out tonight as well. I applied to be a live model at DV8 and was surprised to get a favorable response back. The head model told me to track her down and let her know when I was available for an interview. I responded to her notecard, friended her, and shortly after seeing her log in, IMd her, as requested. She had a roller derby practice to attend but told me she'd contact me afterward. Roughly 2 1/2 hours later, she logged off without saying another word to me.

I don't know what's going on but it seems the general Rude-O-Meter of people in Second Life is rising again. People don't pay attention to others. They don't follow up on commitments, or they're damned sloppy about it. They don't make sure everything's kosher in the concrete universe before sailing off into happy marriage with another avatar...and a lot of times, they can commit, but then cheat on whomever they've wed because they think it's not real and they can do whatever they damned well please without respect to anyone. They claim to be your friend and then you don't hear from them till they want you to see their store or attend some event they've arranged. If it weren't for the event or grand opening or whatever, they wouldn't talk to you at all.

I'm finding it all very sickening.


May. 12th, 2012 01:15 am
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I guess you find out who is really your friend and who is a simple acquaintance when it comes time for your rez day.

Yesterday (5/11) I became 4 years old in SL. Only two people remembered, and one of them wasn't feeling well, so there was no party or anything special.

Yes, this depresses me. I think I'll go cull my friend's list, now.
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There is a point where informaton ceases to be informative, and becomes spam.

Everyone's threshhold is different. Be that as it may, I have yet to hear of a person who didn't tire of seeing the same exact information, in both notice AND chat, more than, say, a couple of times per day. When you get tired of it, it becomes spam for you.

I am a member of two help-wanted groups for our club - djs wanted, and "all other staff" wanted. Now granted, they don't place a hard limit on how many notices you can send out - but at the same time, when it's the SAME announcement, sent both by notice and by chat, EVERY SINGLE TIME and roughly ONCE PER HOUR - I don't know of ANYONE who doesn't tire of seeing it.

I was invited to one group, and joined the other on my own - they're sister groups - because we need both DJs and Hosts. I will put out a maximum of one notice - no chat - per day. Sometimes I don't put one out every day. I figure that if someone is truly looking for employment, they'll have their notices turned on, and they'll get it - at least in email.

If someone feels the need to put the exact same announcement in both a notice and IM chat, then I'd say they are fully aware that some have notices turned off. The sad thing is that they don't stop to think of WHY people have notices turned off. Could it be because they are sick and tired of hearing about that particular club/merchandise/event?

I know how to search notices to see if there's anything I want to read. Since I'm not looking FOR employment, I don't really pay attention to the notices that come out of these groups. I'll glance at them, then close them.

Last night was the last straw. I was hearing the same announcements about the same club every single time I turned around - echoed in both notices and chat, from both groups. The only difference between them is one said DJs, the other said other personnel.

When they started up again today, I finally got into chat and asked them to stop spamming. The information was being sent out by one of the OWNERS of the group! I tried to explain in a reasonable fashion why I felt seeing the SAME announcements echoed in both notices AND chat, at least ONCE per hour, was a bit excessive. Someone else chimed in and said she sent out 8 notices last night and got 0 replies. Well, d'oh! Guess she didn't stop to consider that once you've heard it, over and over again, not only don't you wish to work there, you don't even want to step foot in that club. At least that's the way I felt. When they're doubled up in IM chat on top of it, I really REALLY want nothing to do with that club.

People - once or twice a day, in notices, is fine, for a help wanted group. Sending one per hour and echoing the same info in IM chat is NOT going to help you find employees.

It also won't help you sell products, and believe me, I've seen this behavior - and worse - in groups where you can advertise things for sale.

Think about how you feel when you see someone else snowing you under with notices and IM chat for the same thing, over and over, again.

It's a good thing I'm running Firestorm Beta. I can turn off both notices AND chat.
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I haven't posted in quite awhile because of lots of activity on both SL and Inworldz. On the SL side, we became a part of the Five Islands Group headed by Crap Mariner, and are based on Isis Cove. We (Willy, Nikitta, and I) share the island with one other, and the prims and payments are divvied up between us - half for us, half for Razzo. We get to build on the surface and in the oceans, and Razzo gets 2000M up.

Lately I've taken an especial interest in merfolk. It all started with Nikitta dressing as a mermaid and setting up a very pretty little area underwater on one coast side of our island. I decided to join in, and found a world that was creative, colorful, and very wonderful. I even managed to convince Willy to come swim with me; his post shows some pictures of both of us as merfolk.

I have been reading up on the history and mythology of merfolk. Hans Christian Anderson wrote a very sad little tale called The Little Mermaid where a young mermaid falls madly in love with a land-loving prince. She falls for him when the ship he is on breaks up in high seas and she rescues him. She places him on the shore near a religious institution, where several young women find him and nurse him back to health.

She makes a bargain with a sea witch and gets a potion that turns her tail into legs, but as a price, the witch took her tongue, and therefore, her beautiful singing voice. She stays with the prince for many years as a trusted and loved companion, but their love was not to see fruition. He had fallen for the young lady he remembered first seeing upon waking on that beach so long ago...and finding that she was a princess in a nearby realm, he marries her.

The bargain with the witch said that the mermaid had to get the prince to fall in love with her and marry her; then, she would acquire a soul and go to heaven upon her death. If she failed to do this, she would become as the froth on the sea.

The day after the prince married the princess, the little mermaid got ready to toss herself in the sea and become the foam that all other mermaids become, because they don't have a redeemable soul. Her sisters showed up with a blade that, if she stabbed the prince through the heart, she could regain her tail and live out her life as a mermaid once again. Her love for the prince was so great, she couldn't go through with it, and tossed the blade into the water, her body soon following. She died, but was greeted with another, more favorable outcome. I'll let you read the story to find out the end.


On a few more serious notes...

I found myself disappointed today. I was "remotely" yelled at (in other words, it was a general announcement, but I know where it came from) for daring to say someone's product was better than someone else's. It wasn't a put down, it was an honest criticism, but I guess you're not allowed to have those in a group chat. Oh well. Guess we can toss out the idea of collaboration to make things generally better, too.

I've discovered a few more things about mesh and the viewers that can show it.

First of all, any mesh that is rigged to the skeleton of an avatar cannot be resized, which means that rigged clothing makes you change your avi dimensions, rather than the other way around. Many people are not happy with this for the obvious reasons. Who wants a shape like everyone else's? New World Notes has a good article on this.

There's also the matter of "prim equivalence". One blogger whose post I can't seem to chase down right now pointed out that if you bring in a mesh object that has the prim equivalence of one prim - and you enlarge it - the prim equivalence increases, but not in any sort of predictable manner. Also, sizing it down doesn't guarantee your prim equivalence will decrease as well. Many are still scratching their heads, trying to figure out the formula being used. In the meantime, most sculpts and regular prims work as good or better than mesh.

Then there's the problem of a computer having to have SSE2 compatibility to use V2/V3 code.

My older machine was SSE2 compatible as is my new one, but there are a lot of folks out there getting into SL with the computative equivalent of two cans tied together with string. WTF, Linden Lab? I thought you were smart enough to want to accomodate the majority of computer users. Others are guesstimating that 1/3 or greater of SL users won't be able to log in, once they're forced into V3 viewers for good.

As I said to someone recently, there are always the OpenSim grids.

Lastly here we go again with LL offering up new shineys before old problems are fixed. Seems they've deprecated something in OpenGL that causes a big ka-boom for users with certain kinds of NVIDIA graphics cards. Way to go, Linden Lab! You've managed to piss of another whole selection of users!

Personally, I'd just like to be happy if I wasn't kicked half a dozen times during my extended session, especially if I am dressed and acting as a mermaid. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm in the water, the AO, or a combination of all - but it never fails. I especially get kicked if I'm on a V3-compatible viewer. Now, I know Firestorm is still very much in beta, and I know they rushed out the latest because people were screaming about not seeing mesh or being able to build with megas - but ffs why does it keep kicking me?

And WTF is this business with "the system logged you out because you tried to log in from another location"? That seems to be a new error with the advent of V2 code. I've gotten it now and then ever since I first tried a V2 viewer, whether it's SL's or someone else's. You tend to get this error if you are unceremoniously kicked offline and try to log back in. First, you get the standard schtick about the region logging off. Then you get this other error which significantly prolongs your ability to get back inworld.

I don't get that error on Phoenix, so what are you doing different with the V2 codebase, Linden Lab?

Speaking of Phoenix, I'm back on it again, till the Phoenix folks get a chance to fix all the errors in Firestorm Beta. I can't build worth a shit using SL V2/V3. Phoenix can't see mesh, but it DOES allow you to build megas. And it doesn't hand me my ass once every hour or two. It kicks me, but it takes longer and I don't get that crazy error I detailed above.


I was reading Crap's blog and it seems there was a boat race we weren't aware of. Too bad nobody showed up, it would've been fun. Let's see what happens this coming Saturday.

I am starting to make little things for sale that work well with underwater areas. Stay tuned.


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